Provide methods to bootstrap a Home Assistant instance.

homeassistant.bootstrap.async_enable_logging(hass: core.HomeAssistant, verbose: bool = False, log_rotate_days: int | None = None, log_file: str | None = None, log_no_color: bool = False) → None[source]

Set up the logging.

This method must be run in the event loop.

async homeassistant.bootstrap.async_from_config_dict(config: ConfigType, hass: core.HomeAssistant) → core.HomeAssistant | None[source]

Try to configure Home Assistant from a configuration dictionary.

Dynamically loads required components and its dependencies. This method is a coroutine.

async homeassistant.bootstrap.async_mount_local_lib_path(config_dir: str) → str[source]

Add local library to Python Path.

This function is a coroutine.

async homeassistant.bootstrap.async_setup_hass(runtime_config: RuntimeConfig) → core.HomeAssistant | None[source]

Set up Home Assistant.

async homeassistant.bootstrap.async_setup_multi_components(hass: homeassistant.core.HomeAssistant, domains: set, config: dict) → None[source]

Set up multiple domains. Log on failure.

homeassistant.bootstrap.open_hass_ui(hass: homeassistant.core.HomeAssistant) → None[source]

Open the UI.